What is SAIset scattered apps?

SAIset scattered applications

consist of different services which can run on different devices and communicate with each other on the same network from any geographical location.

The distributed nature

of the applications refers to data and computing resourses being spread out over more than one computer in a network.

Saiset - what is it?

Saiset is a set of applications which allows to develop distributed networks and scattered applications.
With SAISET you can create centralized, semi centralized or decentralized distributed networks, implement different consensus protocols and crypto algorithms. Saiset applications are multiplatform, supports Windows, Linux and MacOS, works on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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Easy to use

Suitable for beginners

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Decrease development time

Saiset helps to develop distributed networks and scattered applications

Why you need it

High reliability

Since a distributed system nature, there is no chance for the complete breakdown.
There is no chance for all pears(nodes) of the system to stop.

High security

With Saiset you can easily implement any crypto algorithms for communication messages between nodes and any protocols for distributed consensus in your destributed network and create really secure solution for your projects.

Server capacity independence

Solutions based on p2p networks can be serverless.
Configure your distributed network the way where every client connected to the network adds the network capacity with his own computing power.

Use Cases

P2P communication system

P2P messengers, secure messaging systems and chats

Financial services

internal payment systems, systems of mutual settlements, escrow payments, smart contracts, share trading, account management systems, P2P loans, loyalty and rewards


distributed exchangers, multi currency wallets, new cryptocurrencies creation, ICO tokens

Distributed computing services

distributed computing system, distributed storage